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Developer Update: Free to Play Option
Star Wars - The Old Republic"Lead Designer Damion Schubert explains Star Wars: The Old Republicís new Free-to-Play option."

No date yet, though.

Edit: Since going to print with this article, Bioware have announced that F2P will be launching on November 15th
The Lost Shores
Guild Wars 2News has reached my ears of a special event happening this month. After doing a little research, I have discovered this to be true.

The Lost Shores is coming soon. As soon as there is a release date I'll let everyone know.

*WARNING* The lost shores is a ONE TIME ONLY WORLD EVENT !!!! It will never be repeated again, ever.
Continuation of Instance Runs
Guild Wars 2Since there seems to be some confusion as to where to make your weekly availability known, I thought I would post a link here on the main page until everyone gets used to it's location and can find it without a news thing each week.

Go HERE for all instance events / signups.
Technical Update 1.5 - Shader
Star Wars - The Old RepublicBen Cloward, Senior Technical Artist for SWTOR has posted about some changes he's made to how foliage is rendered in the upcoming 1.5 patch. There are some really cool before and after pics which show how the change works. It's sort of a small thing, but at the same time it will make a real difference to the look of the game.

See for yourself on the SWTOR Developer Blog
Cartel Market - Live on Test Server
Star Wars - The Old RepublicThe new cartel market is now running on the public test server. Anyone who logs in is being given an allowance of cartel coins to spend and test the new in game shop.

Naturally this does not affect your cartel coins for when F2P is released to the live servers.

The instructions for getting access to the public test server are here in the FAQ.

Full details about the Cartel Market testing are available here.
Update Notes - October 22, 2012 (Halloween Event)
Guild Wars 2The latest patch notes can be found HERE which include the Halloween event changes as well as general patch updates.
Getting the knives out!
Lord of the Rings OnlineOf course it's that time of year. We can expect the arrival of the Mad King in Tyria and of course everyone will have the chance to stock up on those black gloves from a spooky hole under The Hill.

As usual Turbine are running a pumpkin carving contest. I don't know if it's anybody's type of thing, but there are 3000 TP up for grabs to the lucky winner, along with the kudos of a special forum title. Turbine are also running similar contests for DDO and Asheron's Call.

Full details of the contest, which runs until November 2nd can be found here.


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