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Book 9 Diaries
Lord of the Rings OnlineRight, a long assed news post here. I've not been bothering keeping up for ages, as nobody was posting here, but as we're going to be using the site again, here goes with a listing of all recent Dev Diaries relating to book 9.

There was a QA session held, all kinds of player questions including a big long thing about radiance. No cowering until 8 dread. A big difference.

Read the full QA at Codemasters

Gee Gees

Oh yes... horses are getting a subtle revamp and will no longer be oversized pies.

Confused? Good... read the article to know why horses are like pies

There are going to be multiple diaries on the subject of Skirmishes, written by Brian "Zombie" Columbus. As I'm writing this, there's two.

The first well.. Columbus writes

This first installment will focus on what our high level goals are, the initial design of the system and the process of re-design it went through to get there

Full article at Codemasters as usual

The second article deals with story instances

Now that you’ve read the overview of the Skirmish system, let’s start next with what Skirmishes are at their very core: instances. We believe instanced spaces are some of the best content in LOTRO. Instances allow us to create a directed experience, set up interesting interactions with NPC's, and fine tune battles.

Full article here

Next a subject close to Trish's heart... storage. As we know she always wants to know how much storage there will be and the only answer she is looking for is "more".

We'll be getting a new shared storage. A nice article is here showing the new interface and so on, but it doesn't actually say how much stuff you can put there. I suspect that's what most of us wanted to know, we'll have to wait and see.

Finally, but by no means least, Legendary items are getting an overhaul.

In The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™, we’re updating the Legendary Item system that was introduced in Mines of Moria™. This revision of the Legendary Item system incorporates most of the feedback we have received about Legendary Items since they were introduced.

Looks like a promising change to the way LI are produced, though still somewhat of a lottery. Still, with the increased drop rate (if you want to farm them) in the Moria instances, it should be easier to get something which is decent.

The full article is on the Codemasters site
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