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LOTRO Schedule Maintenance.
Lord of the Rings OnlineConsidering this is very vague I am just baffled as to what issues will be being addressed. The Lag? The none loading server screen, well for me this has been going on for quite some time.
Photo from November.
Photo from Today.
Now I am trying not to be overly negative, and be shot down by folk. But I've put up with this since November and it's getting a lot worse. Also the preference for players is to be able to play the game, if you can't log in you can't play the game. It is just overly frustrating.
Now I'll give them their due this hasn't been happening all the time as I have managed to get into game every now and then but now over 50% of the time that I try to log in I leave this sitting on this screen for what feels like forever. It is taking a huge chunk of time away from my gaming, which just frustrates me even more.
I never have this problem with any other MMO and as you can see by my desktop I have 4 MMO's I play because I enjoy all of them. They all load in quickly. Both GW2 and Secret world being lightning fast. SWTOR loads in entire planets at a time so it's not as quick, but there is no loading required when going into instances. Why is it always only LOTRO that I have problems in?
I've severely upgraded my system, by going out and getting a complete new one but the problems still occur. It just feels that a new problem is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce onto this game. The problem is no with me, or my system. I never experience lag in WvW in GW2 and if you don't know how intense this is then please look it up. I just wish that turbine would get off their high horse (or hobby horse) get new servers and fix the bloody problems.
I want this game to work again, I do not want to come on here and trash it. So I hope tomorrows maintenance does not maybe wave it's magic wand and fix everything but is a step in the right direction. That is all I ask Turbine, but I doubt it will deliver.
#1 | weissbrot on 11 February 2013 06:30
I'd just like to point out that "It's not me, [other MMO] works just fine" is about the most pointless statement you can possibly make.

Connection issues can be caused by just about anything between your computer and the servers, and most of them are beyond your reach as well as your game publishers.

It will need hundreds of affected people before network operations folks will be able to see even a dent in their data, and they can't just look at the lag-o-meter to see what's going on. Even if they find something like "Everyone who is routed through this provider is affected" they can't do more then to open a ticket with that provider. Which in turn again will need need a substantial number of reports before they look into it.

If you want to help get the problem sorted instead of just bitching until you feel better, collect some data. Note down when it is happening and when not, take traceroutes for both cases and check if you can find a pattern. Even if not, providing that data will help pinpoint the issue.

Back when I was with LotRO, we would get increased lag reports and loading issues reliably every sunday, and I never found out what caused it. I can only assume that it was connected to traffic congestion what with everyone and their dog being online and ISPs happily throttling UDP connection to limit p2p traffic...

So to answer your question: No, the lag will not be addressed by this patch, because it doesn't need a patch. Unless Turbine have rewritten the whole goddamn netcode...
#2 | John on 11 February 2013 08:49
Point is Sven, Turbine have admitted that the problem lays on their end and after having released a few patches to try to address this issue it's actually just gotten worse.

They did have official turbine threads where you could post your lag data to them and they would look into it but they have closed down every single one of them with no explanations and continue to close down further player created lag threads. There has been hundreds of reports on the forums of problems but they're not doing anything about it. there has been no statements since the "We've discovered it's on our side" statement, which only came after a few months of saying "It's not us.. it's the players fault."
I, personally have written a whole host of threads asking them to fix the problems but all that's earned me is a perma ban from the forums and game.

Sven, when you were with LOTRO you worked for a company who actually gave a damn about the game, rather than just making as much money as possible while not spending anything in order to fix the quite obvious problems.

Turbine have admitted that the connection issues are with them, not us or our service providers. The only way it'll be fixed is if they fix their servers, which they won't do. They're quite happy taking the players for a ride and for their cash.
#3 | Ardhuial on 11 February 2013 08:59
I have reported this issue every time it has happened from pre picture in November which I actually put on the forums.

Now with turbine cracking down on people who use the words 'server lag' and 'launcher problems' it makes me feel like I can't even go directly to the player base and ask if it is only me.

I am one of the very few people who use this forum who play lotro and I want it to work! I don't want to hear 'Thank you for your ticket we will contact you within 5 days if we need more information or have a solution.' Then hear nothing until the next ticket.

I do NOT want to come on here and bitch (as you so delicately put it) but where else would you have me go where a small group of people who still play LOTRO? Forums are officially off my bitch list, unless I wish to get banned and when you get forum banned it links to your player account thanks to my lotro. So all I can do is look and submit a ticket for something I know will either never be fixed or will take a good while to.
#4 | weissbrot on 11 February 2013 09:07
Fair enough, I really didn't want to imply that you shouldn't bitch, in fact I am probably the last person who should make such a request.
So please go ahead and pour your heart out, as long as you don't expect this to change the situation...
#5 | Ardhuial on 11 February 2013 09:24
Well I've decided to try the technical support part of the forums see if it helps any.
#6 | John on 12 February 2013 10:22
The reports from the official forums look to be that the latest patch has actually made the lag worse...
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