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LotRO 7.2 Patchnotes
Lord of the Rings OnlineYou can find the patchnotes for the latest update Here!

I have to say I'm pretty much unimpressed, especially by the new in game advertisements:

"Apparel Dummies now exist in hub cities throughout the world. Each dummy displays a hand-selected cosmetic outfit, and clicking on the dummy will take you to the offer for that outfit in the LOTRO store. "
#1 | Ardhuial on 09 July 2012 16:01
"And on Cassandra (dummy number 4) there is a fabulous outfit from the land that time forgot... Thorins Hall. That all you dress wearing dwarves will just squuuuueeeeeeeeee over. Offer only available in Ranger Green 500 more TP for attractive colours."

I don't like it, if I want to shop I will go onto the LOTRO store and look at outfits on my selected character or buy items. What's next advert banners while raiding?

And still no lag fix. Sad
#2 | Dan on 09 July 2012 16:38
Well, if you ever tried to use the in-store option to see how a certain outfit looks, you will see that its an improvement. Anyway, I personally do not mind seeing stuff like that, makes the game feel more dynamic *if* it switches now and then.
#3 | Ardhuial on 09 July 2012 17:57
I dunno, I have used the dressing room on all my toons and find it to look better. Some characters look differently depending on what item they have on.

I saw the dummies in Galtrev and I suppose they sort of fit in around a busy setting but in lower level areas with no big population such as Twenty First Hall (which I also went to look) and Aughaire those dummies look silly and don't really blend in. Especially the un-dwarf ones in 21st.

I just don't like in game advertising.
#4 | Dan on 09 July 2012 21:00
I meant the click orgy you had to go through whenever you try an item on thats in the shop. Tho I just noticed that they removed the "kick you back to the mainpage" thing.

Well, the placement could have been better - maybe crafting hall, maybe a corner in the Auctionhouse, maybe a special store.

And it is not the 'in your face' style, like e.g. Anarchy Online uses. Always feels to me like the world is breathing, active and closer to Real Life (you know, I think its boring that nothing changes in a game for 5 or more years.. NPCs dont wander around, dont go to bed, shops never change their face etc - maybe thats just me, tho)

Example how AO does it:
[img]http://jiad.org/images/article_images/vol10num2/lewis_fig1.jpg[/img] is not a valid Image.
#5 | Ardhuial on 10 July 2012 11:57
I'd like a actual shop you go into for deals or something like that would make the lotro store more in game immersed and lore appropriate.

Sparkling dummies put out higgledy piggledy in every area they can be in (there's even one's in DV) just don't fit in for me. Turbine must be in need of some serious cash.
#6 | Tromador on 11 July 2012 12:44
If it were an in game shop, people wouldn't go in it unless they wanted something. That's not good advertising. Turbine hope that by shoving it out there where everyone can see it, they will attract business.
#7 | Ardhuial on 14 July 2012 10:15
One day middle earth will have it's own Nar Shaddaa.


Ok.. maybe I am over-reacting. Pfft
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