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An open letter to Rowan Campbell, lead designer of RoR
JohnSpeakI would have expected the expac to include the overland quests (check), mounted combat (free for all, not included in the expac so there's no need to spend money on it), instances (I'm a VIP so I get all updates); I see now that $40 gives me a quest pack, and some horse trait lines, and that's all I see. I was expecting to shell out for the top tier pre-order, but now the only rational thing for me to do is to use my accumulated TP to purchase the glorified QP.

I've been here since beta, and I'm not ready to say that I'm going to quit, but maybe I'll just fall back to logging in less often, maybe just running festival quests, or maybe completing deeds on my 6 level capped toons. This would be a huge change for me as I'm used to running raids, instances, pvp, you name it. You just haven't given me anything that looks worthwhile to do at end game; do your login stats really cover what people are doing to keep a server vibrant? I've tried to keep 3-4 toons raid ready, this will likely fall down to 1 toon, if I even care to keep that one up.

This is the sorriest excuse for an expansion that I've ever seen. Maybe there's something awesome that you haven't yet disclosed and you can yet redeem yourself. Right now I'm just discouraged. Is there anything that you or your staff can say in the next month to pique my interest in the future of the game?
#1 | Ardhuial on 10 June 2012 12:33
Well we are getting the raid cluster not too soon after the expansion. Might not be included.. but there still putting it out there and I am VIP so it doesn't really piss me off that much tbh but if I was F2P and went up to premium buying rohan then saw that a month later the rohan raid cluster is out and I'd have to buy that too then I would be very pissed.

But I think turbine is pushing them out too quickly. They need to fix stuff not just throw more content at us. That jump lag in the acid wing was terrible, they will just blame our ISP's but we all come from different countries even have continents between us and we all experienced the lag at the same times. I say fix what we have first, then give us Rohan.. oh and make Rohan unbugged.

p.s. did anyone hear about horse skins on the lotro store for our new war steeds. Meta deed horse skins at that?
#2 | Tromador on 10 June 2012 15:21
You can be assured that those who purchase the expansion for will get the instance cluster thrown in when it comes, much like RoI. Those who don't will pay extra TP.

We are getting the East Emnet horse skin as a warsteed skin, plus any store bought horses (e.g. steed of night) will automatically provide warsteed skins as well.

Also, we are getting some extra skills and/or traitlines for our warsteeds from buying the bigger expansion.

I do agree though. Take some time to fix stuff. The current raid cannot be completed in full because the sums are wrong, let alone bugs. The codebase desperately needs a polish and Turbine need a QA raiding team who are good enough to complete content on tier2, with challenge, so that these instances can be properly tested.
#3 | John on 10 June 2012 15:34
"Are there any forthcoming new instances/raids?

Yes! We have a new instance cluster planned for later this year as part of our regular LOTRO content updates."

Regular content updates = not included in the price of the expansion. Only life-timers and VIP's will not pay anything extra. f2p and Premium are being screwed... again.

This has been confirmed by Sapience, I'll post a quite from him when I find it.

RoR consists of Quests and fluff. It's nothing more than a quest pack.

Class updates = free
Mounted combat = free
level cap rise = free
New landscape = free
Epic story = free

No new skirmishes, raids, 6 man end game instances or even scaled instances. We're getting quests and that's about it.

Then they have the cheek to ask you to pay for more mounted combat traits in the store. Only the first set comes free... Turbine need to get a grip.
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