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Raid Availability
SiteI realise that not everyone who uses this site doesn't raid with us every or even most weeks. We have members who turn up religiously for every raid, all the way down to members who don't even play LotRO any more.

So this is wholly aimed at the people who raid with us at least once a month or more. You all constitute the main body of the raid crew and for us to organise there to be raids for people to participate in, we need to know numbers in advance. This gives us time and fair warning to ask around other people to fill the spots, instead of scrabbling around trying to recruit players on the night and losing playing time as a consequence.

If you only raid once in a while, fine - just sign up when you can. If you've said you're going to be away for a while, that's fine too, you don't have to keep registering unavailable - but if you are in the core group, we really need to know.

This applies mainly to Tuesday and Thursday nights, our core raid times. This is when we are doing our main raid, which will usually be the latest available content we can access and are the most important to the group.

Fridays are a bit more casual, we'll do what we can do with the numbers we have, after all, lots of people like to go out on a Friday. So no major obligation to hit unavailable for that, but if you will definitely be coming, do confirm as it will give us a bit more of a clue what group activities we might be able to enjoy.

Finally, when we do have plenty of people around, it is important to register to attend promptly, as places are assigned on the following criterion:

1 - Required class balance.
2 - First come first served.

Obviously having more raid ready alts will mean much less chance of exclusion per rule 1, if your main class is oversubscribed.
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Look forward to seeing you online soon Smile

01/12/2016 20:08
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