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6th Bag.. No Thanks !
JohnSpeakYou see, what people don't realise is that by having lots of equipment in your bags or your bags being pretty much full all the time, actually decreases server performance.

Here's some information for all you folks out there.

What you have stored in your bag is constantly being inventoried by the games servers. They need to know what you have and how much of each item you have. This is fairly obvious, lets be honest but it's a point that alot of people actually overlook. Having 5 full bags would maybe not decrease the server quality much... but the population having 4 - 5 full bags all the time does. It actually slows down the game servers and induces more lag to everyone playing that game. It's part of the reason I get annoyed with people who have full bags all the time. There is absolutly no need for it.

"Mandatory" amount of bag space used on all of my toons goes as this;

1 x stack of morale pots
1 x stack of power pots
4 x stack of cure pots
1 x stack of non-combat regen food (that's for soloing)
1 x stack of in-combat regen food
1 x stack of trail food
1 x stack of fortifying food
2 x stack of battle/warding lore scrolls
1 x stack of hope tokens
1 x stack of travelling rations
4 x legendary items (2 wielded, 4 more slots always filled, either as trash or switch items)

That's 18 slots out of 75. Plenty of space remaining. On some of my toons, I have additional bits;

+ 1-2 x stack of class-specific consumables
+ 1-2 x stack of different trail food (different buffs depending on stance)
+ 1-2 x legendary items (that's on characters with extra LI slots unlocked through store)
+ 1-6 x equipment pieces (for switching a few pieces, if something specific is needed)

After this "optional" list, there's about 18-30 slots in use. To go further down the list, there's some class-specific items to carry;

Burglar: 3 x signals (one wielded, other three types in inventory)
LM: Parables and various different pet foods.

Et cetera. At worst, I've had roughly 35 slots used with stuff I needed somewhat regularly.

Even with having that much stuff locked into my bags, I still have 40 slots free. Is there really need for anything being put away from the bags, or even adding the 6th bag? I'm not so sure. If I'm grinding mobs in the wilderness, I can manage the bag space quite easily.

Are the bags being filled by all those yellow trash gear pieces? No point carrying them to vendor, as they give 5 silvers. Drag them out and destroy. Are the bags being filled with too many types of stacking trash loot and task items? Try focusing on killing either beasts or humanoids, but not both at the same tour. That makes the items stack more efficiently

However, 40 free slots means I can carry up to 2000 task-item-type trash loot pieces back to town from one tour. I'm not sure if there's need for much more space. In any case, two thousand sword sheats and punctured shields should weigh way too much for any character to carry in his bags. We don't have mules and carriages to pull the load with... :P

In short, I don't see the need for more bags, nor belts or anything. I could do fine even without the 6th we're getting from RoR prepurchase. Sort the bags so that you have consumables in one, switch gear in another, or whatever way you find the most convenient, and have them in the same order on every toon. You'll notice it's quite easy to find exactly what you're looking for that way.
#1 | Dan on 14 May 2012 18:48
Extra bagspace does not cause extra lag. 20 additional DB entries don't lag the game.
Cosmetic slots cause more lag than anything else - just because they are loaded on top of each other.
When they introduced cosmetic slots my game speed on my old PC went from okay to unplayable.
#2 | John on 14 May 2012 18:49
As i said in game Dan, it's not about the 20 extra database entries th eone person has but about the combination of all the extra entries that everyone on the same server has. Those DO cause lag.
#3 | Tromador on 14 May 2012 19:14
On this occasion I really have to say stick it up your arse.

More bag space may increase the size of the database, but is not going to significantly (or at all) impact on server load. That's my professional opinion as an IT engineer with 20 years of experience.

I would imagine Turbine to be using something stupid like IBM Infosphere Warehouse or something similarly large and silly, the responsiveness of which is more governed by numbers of requests rather than the size of the data set.

If you feel my opinion in error, you better have some verifiable facts and figures about the LotRO back end to firm your argument up.
#4 | weissbrot on 14 May 2012 19:17
That's a nice dream there John, but it's not how it works. You can give them a hundred extra bag slots and they will have them filled up within a week with stuff that couldn't possibly go anywhere else..

Hell, people are using their postbox as additional inventory space. Including the whining when the stuff surprisingly goes missing after two weeks...

As to database load and server capacities... It'll mainly mean longer loading screen for hoarders I guess. Once a character has been told what's in their bags, it shouldn't put too much additional strain on the server...
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