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Just some thinking...
JohnSpeakMore or less about how the current models that each of the three games mentioned above (although Neverwinter is not out just yet) should be changed because it is/will vastly effect how the game is perceived within the eyes of it's customer base.

On the TOR forums they were calling for the game to drop to a micro-transaction system, much like we currently have on LOTRO.
On LOTRO they were calling for the game to drop to f2p constantly with no store.
On Neverwinter it was for the game which is ALL f2p, to become a paid subscription game.

Now, I'm not going to bother people with the rants that they were using to justify their points, or for the incredibly dumb ideas also being used but it got me thinking about the whole micro-transaction idea and I began to do a little research when I found this video.

Penny Arcade Micro-transaction Video

Yeah, it's about 5 minutes long or something but this guy has hit it right on the button with how gaming companies (*cough* Turbine *cough*) need to change how they view the micro-transaction model and how it would actually benefit the game much much more by taking 40 - 45% of stuff they currently sell out the store.

Anyways.. Just thought I'd share my early morning rant with you.

Views / opinion?
#1 | Tromador on 18 April 2012 11:56
Following on from an advert set on a train in (probably) Mumbai, where indians with sunglasses and moustaches, accompanied by dark eyed eastern bollywood chicks all drank Cobra (brewed in the UK)...

...a series of disjointed images assaulted my eyes so fast I was quite confused. I remember there being cheerleaders at one point.

What was the question again?
#2 | Tromador on 18 April 2012 12:17
Also stupid day to have off work - servers are down for another hour or so. Bah.
#3 | John on 18 April 2012 13:30
well the question was

What is your personal opinion on Micro transaction gaming models and if you agree with me that Turbine are going about it all wrong.
#4 | Colonel on 18 April 2012 16:06
At first I liked the way they were doing it in Lotro, as it seemed like you can just pay monthly fee once, and have 99% of the game content and then use the subs/store/points for convenience.

However later on it has changed more and more to the point where you just kind of have to pay subs to get the most out of the game because can't really do quests/skirms/other instances without it. In Lotro it's not that you use money to get points to use it for convenience when you want it.. its that you have to use money all the time for subs to get enough out of the game.. and also then you can use the little points you get aswell for some extra convenience. Dont like it..
#5 | Ardhuial on 18 April 2012 16:45
Lotro needs to go back to the way it was I think.

Everything seems so store orientated at the moment I find myself buying more and more points these days even with a sub on the go. At least £20 every month goes from my account to turbine (And I pay 3 months at a time).

So much for everything in store can be gotten in game, Yes, but how many hoop's do we have to jump through to do so?

It is so much easier to get the bank card out and buy points that kill a million mobs in hope for a sturdy key for example.

As for the other games well SWTOR is much more update based and therefore you get to see your money at work on a monthly basis. And I could not imagine "Dark Points" going anywhere else than into the characters alignment.

And neverwinter.. no idea about what would be the best system of payment. Does look pretty though.
#6 | John on 18 April 2012 16:48
well that's kinda the point. It encourages people to do 1 of two things.

1. Grind the game like a monkey until you get sick of doing so and then take out a sub. (Which I ended up doing recently after swearing to not sub again until the next expansion comes out.)

2. Buy points to get the item.

But the point i'm trying to make is that they're making people sick of the store by doing stuff like asking you to buy items out of it to continue to do the fucking 5th anniversary quests, which is just outrageous considering it's a time where Turbine should be THANKING their players, not trying to squeeze every last penny out of them.

And with a whole host of mmo's out there that offer more for free and even some mmo's turning f2p in the near future, people may just start to think twice about LOTRO due to the greed of Turbine.

Here's a list just off the top of my head..

WoW - Free to level 20
Aion - Totally Free (can only create 2 characters though)
Rift - Free to level 20
Neverwinter - Totally Free
Pirates of the burning sea - Totally Free
DDO - Turbine Based Micro Transition ( Free but easier to sub )
Guild Wars 2 - Totally Free
Final Fantasy XIV - Going F2P soon
Star-trek Online - Totally Free

and I even heard a rumor that EVE: Online was going f2p although I can't confirm this.
#7 | Ardhuial on 18 April 2012 16:56
You forgot Age of Conan.
#8 | John on 18 April 2012 16:57
Yeah i was only mentioning ones WORTH even downloading
#9 | Tromador on 18 April 2012 17:05
Last time I played PotBS (during the Codies -> Turbine downtime) it was micro-transactions. Fortunately for me, I'd subbed in the past so I was on the equivalent of LotRO "premium" and I could do most of what I wanted to do (including reach level cap and get a big arse warship nom).

Let's also note that GW2 isn't totally free. You have to purchase the game and any expansions, but it's a one-off fee.

I spend money on TP as well, for stuff which makes my life easier. I can't be bothered to grind for marks, so I buy stuff like empowerment scrolls or similar. I use the LotRO store for convenience.
#10 | fox on 21 April 2012 21:17
I feel that Turbine did in fact go the wrong way their micro transactions. Especially sense I canít play with my friends on a free to play account in some cases. I personally think that Micro transactions can be awesome way for game companies to make money but I feel that the majority of them are going to use it like turbine dose. And the only way to keep them from doing it is to boycott the games that do that, or simply cry loud enough about it. The bigger a game becomes the more of a business it is. Look at WoW, it used to be a good MMO for its time. Now they have changed it so much just to appeal to the plebes if you will, itís completely different now and not even as fun as it used to be. But they didn't make bad Mico transaction choices to stay afloat to compete with all the newer games. So itís kind of a strange balance you have to consider when big games need to keep going. Get greedy, or remake the game. Thatís probably going to be common choices for most game franchises as video games of all kinds start to become more and more mainstream. But like I said before Q_Q more; it changed the ending of Mass effect. In before ďCool story BrowĒ
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