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Turbine to take control of EU servers
Lord of the Rings OnlineFirst of all, Turbine's main announcement on http://www.lotro.com.

I've nothing much to say about this on the face of it. I really don't think it makes a ton of difference to be perfectly honest. Turbine devs make the content in any case so we get the same game either way. Let's just hope they can not cock up the localisation for our French and German speaking neighbours. What I can say is that if this allows us access to the US servers with our VIP subscriptions, it will benefit Trish who is playing F2P on US servers.

The real questions, however, will be about our accounts and so forth. These are answered in the Turbine Global Service FAQ.

Important things for many of us:

Lifetime accounts will stay lifetime accounts.
VIP subs will be honoured until expiry, but after 1st June, you will need to start paying Turbine monthly subs.
LotRO Point balances will be transferred over.

Read the full FAQ linked above for other questions.

On the plus side, I guess this will mean (for us) that people like Fox, or Tam won't have to mess about with connecting via my firewall with wierd proxy servers, or at least I would assume this to be the case. Conversely however, I suppose it's possible we might get an influx of the standard Far Eastern gold seller market.

Overall I greet this news with a resounding 'meh' if I'm completely honest. I know that Turbine have various reputations, but they are now Warner Bros anyway. The latest set of content which we are all really enjoying came out of Turbine, so I have great hopes that we really have nothing to worry about. I think like a lot of us, though, I fear change, so we shall see what happens after 1st June.
#1 | John on 26 April 2011 13:38
Was just about to post this but fair enough.
#2 | Ardhuial on 26 April 2011 14:07
Well I am in two minds and not really wanting to put up with American server down times at stupid times in the day!

And god knows what will happen to Jan's account with it being a codies one.. but this is all speculation and we can only just wait and see.
#3 | Ardhuial on 26 April 2011 14:26
And I enjoyed the fact that the American's where the unofficial testers of patches and such like now I shall be downloading patch and waiting 24 hours to log in after I have found out what not to do to make my toon log in naked with a ant attached to her face.. Pfft
#4 | Tromador on 26 April 2011 14:38
But you can drop the Ant into pony where it turns into a Giant Robot Ant and eats all the lowbies.
#5 | Ardhuial on 26 April 2011 14:42
Haha that is true, remind me on patch days to log out in the pony.. although the lack of armour may cause me to die with the lowbies.. hmm
#6 | Ardhuial on 26 April 2011 14:55
Oh another plus is turbine offer yearly subs at a fraction of the price it is costing me to sub monthly as codies took away there other payment options with F2P being introduced.
#7 | John on 26 April 2011 16:57
Code masters knew this was happening. In fact I can pretty much say it was part of the f2p fiasco if you think about it.

It's basically 6 months to the day since f2p launched and this is announced. It'll be 9 months when this happens

Is it just me or doesn't that sound a little fishy?

Probably the reason for the f2p delay was code masters trying to get the compensation from turbine for this occurring because as far as I was aware, code masters had the rights for the EU servers until 2014. Maybe they agreed to sell them off to Turbine/Warner and were stalling with the f2p launch until a settlement was agreed.

They deffo knew it was happening, That's why they took away multi month subs along with their discounted prices. Trying to squeeze every last from us before ditching us to Turbine.
#8 | Ardhuial on 27 April 2011 19:30

This is from the LOTRO eu billing site 5th question down, multi month subs haven't been available for some time. It has just been a month to month payment basis with codemasters since free to play was made live, this is probably why John thinks that codies knew all about it.
#9 | John on 27 April 2011 19:32
As Emma said ...


Plus If Turbine have reached an agreement on compensation for codemasters about taking the servers back then Coddies ain't going to turn that down. That's cold hard cash in their hands while f2p model is only potential money based on how much points people wish to buy or who actually keeps subscribing, other than the people who have dropped to f2p.

We'll never know officially because if it was then It would probably be covered by a NDA but it's just my opinion.
#10 | weissbrot on 28 April 2011 08:29
Yes, Im sure everyone at Codemasters Online is etremely happy to not have any game to take care of any more. They'll just come in to work everyday to play some games and then leave again.

Paid for grudgingly by Turbine so they would be allowed to not renew a contract that was running out after four years, as they announced they intended to do about two years ago.

Oh, and of course there's all that money that was made by cancelling the multi-month subscriptions. Basically a license to print money, I wonder why no other company has picked up on it yet, Ending contracts is the way to go, really.

Can I have one of those tinfoil hats please?
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