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The Lost Companions » Lord of the Rings Online » The Prancing Pony
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Interesting website posting about LOTRO and the Hobby Horse
I found this while randomly browsing teh interwebs for something fun to do and thought it may be interesting to read so I thought I'd post it here.

Thanks John - I just died a little inside.
Is est non vestra opinio, vos es iustus nefas.
The website itself looks good, some interesting posts.

I just hate that horse! What's the point and it looks stupid as hell.
I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either...
That horse... It's just so wrong. 5000TP?

Somewhere along the course of time, a game I really love got corrupted and twisted into some kind of sinister parody of its former self.
Is est non vestra opinio, vos es iustus nefas.
I know me and John where looking up how the game has changed so much from the start of F2P. The collectors edition of MoM including SoA with lots of fluff like maps, the replica one ring etc was $79.99. The complete edition which also included SoA was $39.99. If this was launched the way it is today with all the extras including fluff you can display in RL it would probably cost $150+ (Got the information from http://archive.lo...3-moriafaq)
I wish turbine would just stop doing the stupid crap and take a look at themselves as well as there competitors. I mean who is going to spend $49.99 on a stupid horse? $49.99 could buy an entire new game. Secret World is currently 18.78 (works out at around $30.43) on steam, Cheapest GW2 on Amazon is 21.99 (works out at around $35.61). SWTOR expansion is $19.99 or $9.99 if your a subscriber and unlike LOTRO the SWTOR store doesn't have stuff that you need that you can only get in the store (relic remover stuff). Diablo 3 works out at around $6 more expensive than the horse (but that includes having to sub I think). Hell if you felt so inclined you could go out and buy every WoW expansion for $45 (http://us.blizzar...1100001530). Sorry to put WoW on here but it's just used as a comparison as they did just launch a expansion in the previous months.
Heck with SWTOR, GW2 and Secret World you could use the extra money you'd spend on the horse to go out to the pics, for a meal or get yourself a nice wee takeaway.

When are the people who flock to LOTRO and spend money on it going to learn that it isn't worth it. It also isn't worth grinding 5000 TP for, and if you wanted to do this you have more patience than anyone could have. But I'd rather have the previous games spoken about and a trip to the pics, cause the amount you'd need to grind would mean you'd have no time on you hands to do these activities.
Edited by Ardhuial on 21/12/2012 15:58
I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either...
I think this just goes to show the levels of desperation and/or desire for Turbine and Warner Bros to shaft and steal as much money as possible from their player base.
For me, it's not that the item looks stupid and has no place in lore or anything like that but it's the fact on how they dealt with it and too the feedback they received from the test on Bullroarer.
If you listen to the podcast on that website about the hobby horse, They reveal that the hobby-horse is the brain child of the new people turbine brought in after scaling back in lower level employees. It also turns out that the three of them they brought in are from Zynga ... Says it all really.
Stupid Turbine... Just put it in a lottery box as a 1% drop and make that box cost $1...

Wait, does it come with cocnuts? Totally worth $50 then!
Edited by weissbrot on 27/12/2012 09:11
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