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Instance Nights!!!
Ok, Lets see if we can get a night/day where people are available to run an instance.
Only restriction is a minimum of level 30

So, when is everyone available in the coming week? (21st October - 28th October).

*NOTE* If we get a date finalised I shall put the event up in the calender and inform everyone via this thread.

So Far we have...

Sunday 21nd - Emma (early finish), John, Trish, James

Monday 22nd - Emma, John

Tuesday 23rd - Emma, John

Wednesday 24th - John

Thursday 25th - John

Friday 26th - Emma, John, Fox, Trish

Saturday 27th - Emma, John, Fox, Trish, James, Serp

Sunday 28th - Emma, John, Trish, James

I will update dates when more people let me know availability.
Edited by John on 23/10/2012 10:22
Available all days except -

Sunday night (for a late finish I'm unavailable)
Wednesday night (I have a class test on Thursday)
Thursday night (early start on Friday)

As stated I have a class test on Thursday so I might not be fully available all week so if you guys have six available and need someone to step out please let me take the bullet this time.
I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either...
Um any time Fri-Sat and that window of Opportunism is looking small too.
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Always remember: Less is less. More is more. More is better and twice as much is good too. Not enough is bad and too much is never enough except when it's just about right.
Any Fri.-Sun. for me but Sat. ONLY IF Serp and Mike are willing to forego the Sat. tabletop game. Now, mind you, a weekend or two to give Serp's mind breathing space for more cunning mayhem is a good thing! Smile
If I start bitchin', just shoot me! It puts us BOTH out of my misery. Grin
Sequestria Dayfox
Sat or sun works for me
Ok, running an instance today (21st) seems a bit too close to sort a time and get everyone organised for times so lets say we'll run on Saturday 27th at 9pm GMT as we have 5 people ready for then.
I'm in for saturday and bringing my guardian.
I've got to go visit my niece at 7pm (GMT) because it's her birthday.

So might be a tad late, if so we're doing 2 runs anyway as there is more than 5 of us so I'll go on the 2nd one.
I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either...
Ok, I'll point out, here, that Saturdays aren't much of an option except occassionally. Mike, Serp and I play our table top fantasy games on those days. We don't mind a Sat. here and there but can't make it on a consistent basis. Ergo, I have Fri., Sat. mornings and Sundays. Sorry I can't be a lot more accommodating. Sad
If I start bitchin', just shoot me! It puts us BOTH out of my misery. Grin
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